What is CEA?

Encouraging discussion

Our mission is to build a community of students and professionals acting on EA principles, by creating and sustaining high-quality discussion spaces.

We believe that by connecting students and young professionals with relevant experts, we can help them consider their values and find an effective way to contribute that is a good fit for their skills and inclinations.

We do this by...

We also produce the Effective Altruism Newsletter, which goes out to more than 50,000 subscribers, and run effectivealtruism.org, which hosts a collection of useful resources.

You can read more about our strategy here.

Other things

You can see our guiding principles and our team values.

You can read more about our history, including a page that provides information on mistakes we've made.

You can also find out more about our team, and learn how you could join or support us.

We are made up of two allied legal entities: one based in the UK, and one in the US.

Those legal entities support not only CEA, but also 80,000 Hours, Giving What We Can, EA Funds, and the Forethought Foundation.