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Combining Empathy with Evidence

The Centre for Effective Altruism helps to grow and maintain the effective altruism movement.

Our vision is an optimal world. Our mission is to create a global community of people who have made helping others a core part of their lives, and who use evidence and scientific reasoning to figure out how to do so as effectively as possible.

What is effective altruism?

Effective altruism is about using evidence and reason to figure out how to benefit others as much as possible, and taking action on that basis.

Learn more about effective altruism

What is the effective altruism community?

The effective altruism community is a global community of people who care deeply about the world, make benefiting others a significant part of their lives, and use evidence and reason to figure out how best to do so. You can read more about effective altruism's guiding principles here.

What we do

The Centre for Effective Altruism acts as a springboard for the effective altruism community. It aims to:

  • promote and strengthen effective altruism as an idea and a community,
  • help figure out how best to advance the wellbeing of all, and
  • inspire people to take action based on that knowledge.

Current and recent projects

For more detail, see our 2017 retrospective.

EA Global 2016 Group Photo Arms Up (1)
Participants at Effective Altruism Global 2016 conference

Our history

  • 2009: Giving What We Can
  • 2011: Foundation
  • 2012: Incubation
  • 2014: Research
    • Good Done Right, an academic conference on effective altruism is hosted by CEA in Oxford.
    • Global Priorities Project, a research and policy project is formed as a collaboration between CEA and the Future of Humanity Institute (the project is merged back into CEA in 2016).
  • 2015: Experimentation
    • CEA trials EA Ventures to fund experimental projects, project closed in 2016, and later replaced with EA Grants.
    • 80,000 Hours team participates in Y Combinator startup accelerator.
    • CEA begins hosting the EA Global conference series.
    • Doing Good Better published, and promoted with the help of CEA.
  • 2016: Restructure
    • CEA helps local organizers run the first EA Global X community conferences.
    • Giving What We Can merged into CEA.
    • Special Projects division formed to include Philanthropic Advising and Fundamentals Research.
    • 80,000 Hours begins to operate more separately from the rest of CEA.
    • Global Priorities Project discontinued and merged into Future of Humanities Institute and Fundamentals Research.
  • 2017: Y Combinator
    • CEA participates in Y Combinator startup accelerator and launches Effective Altruism Funds.
    • CEA establishes a permanent office in Berkeley, CA, as well as Oxford, UK.
    • The Special Projects division focuses on content production and merges with the rest of CEA.
    • EA Grants and individual outreach team launched.