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Good Done Right conference


  • We trial EA Ventures to fund experimental projects (the project was closed in 2016, and later replaced with EA Grants).
  • We begin to run the EA Global conference series.
  • The 80,000 Hours team participates in the Y Combinator startup accelerator.
  • We help to promote Doing Good Better, the first widely-read book on effective altruism.

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  • CEA helps local organizers run the first EA Global X community conferences.
  • Giving What We Can merges into CEA.
  • CEA's Special Projects division is formed; it includes our Philanthropic Advising and Fundamentals Research teams.
  • The Global Priorities Project is discontinued and merged into the Future of Humanity Institute and our Fundamentals Research team.

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  • We participate in the Y Combinator startup accelerator and launch Effective Altruism Funds.
  • We establish a new permanent office in Berkeley, CA (in addition to our office in Oxford, UK).
  • The Special Projects division decides to focus on content production and merges with the rest of CEA.
  • We launch Effective Altruism Grants and our Individual Outreach team. (The team will later be merged into the Groups, Online, and Events teams.)



EAG SF 2018


  • We grant $9.8 million (our highest annual total so far) to a variety of causes through Effective Altruism Funds.
  • We provide nearly $900,000 in Community Building Grants to assist individuals and groups working on local EA community building.
  • We scale up our work on helping community members to navigate media engagement, and publish a revised version of our advice for responding to journalists.
  • We begin to collect much more feedback from the EA community, and to share updates on our projects more frequently to keep the community up-to-date.

Read more in our 2019 progress report and our detailed appendix to that report.

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  • We expand our support for groups, funding full-time organizers in 20 locations and supporting student-run discussion-based courses that reached hundreds of students.
  • EA Forum pageviews nearly double, with many more high-quality posts than in 2019.
  • We begin to run online events, including the first-ever EA Student Summit.
  • We close EA Grants, and spin off Giving What We Can and EA Funds under independent leadership (while continuing to provide operational support).
  • We develop a new mission: building a community of students and professionals acting on EA principles, by creating and sustaining high-quality discussion spaces.

Read more in our 2020 annual review.


EAG SF picnic 2021


Many of our programs scaled up very rapidly:

  • Events: The number of connections made at our events grew by around 5x, which should help many more people find a way to contribute to important problems.
  • Online: Engagement on the EA Forum grew by around 2.9x, helping the spread of important new ideas and richness of discussion.
  • Groups: 208 organizers went through our University Groups Accelerator Program (10x growth for a new program starting from a low base), receiving 8 weeks of mentorship designed to accelerate EA journeys for organizers and their groups.

Read more in our annual review

Attendees at EAGxSingapore