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Will MacAskill

CEO and Trustee

Will is an associate professor of philosophy at Oxford University. Previously he studied philosophy at Cambridge (B.A.) and Oxford (BPhil, DPhil), and was a Fulbright Scholar at Princeton. When he joined the faculty of Oxford University age 28, he was the youngest associate professor of philosophy in the world.

Will is a co-founder of Giving What We Can, 80,000 Hours, and the Centre for Effective Altruism. His book about effective altruism, Doing Good Better, was released in August 2015 through Penguin Random House. He serves as Chairman of the board and President of Centre for Effective Altruism USA Inc.

Toby Ord


Toby has held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at Balliol College, Oxford, and is currently a James Martin Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute. His current research focus is population ethics. He completed BPhil and PhD degrees at the University of Oxford.

Toby founded Giving What We Can and donates everything he earns above £18,000 to charity. His work on cost-effective philanthropy has received extensive coverage in the international media.

Nick Beckstead


Nick works at the Open Philanthropy Project (a part of GiveWell) and was previously a Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. He majored in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Minnesota, and completed a PhD in philosophy at Rutgers University.

Nick’s research focuses on the practical importance of very long run outcomes for civilization, and deals heavily in the topics of existential risk, population ethics, and decision theory.

Community and Outreach Division

Tara Mac Aulay

Chief Operating Officer, Community and Outreach Division

Tara received a graduate degree in Health Economics and a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Monash University with first class Honours. She joins CEA fresh from the field, after visiting 33 countries for work and travel. On her most recent assignment, Tara worked on redesigning oncology care in Bhutan with the Australian Red Cross.

She has a background in healthcare consulting where she developed efficiency improvements saving 2 million dollars and countless lives in Australian hospitals.

Amy Willey Labenz

Senior Events Manager, General Counsel

Amy earned a Juris Doctor degree from New York University School of Law after graduating summa cum laude from Alma College with a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Service. After law school, Amy was Chief Operating Officer of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, where she was responsible for organization management and compliance and was Executive Producer of The Singularity Summit.

Most recently, Amy was Of Counsel with Goodman & Hurwitz, P.C., a Detroit law firm that advocates for civil rights and human rights in police and government misconduct cases.

Sam Deere

Full Stack Developer

Sam previously worked in policy and communications roles for several high-profile Australian politicians, and was part of the team that won the 'unwinnable' 2014 South Australian state election. He studied Politics and History at the University of Adelaide, and has nearly a decade of experience as a web developer. While no longer working in politics, Sam takes a strong interest in global politics and policymaking, and is also a keen photographer.

Kerry Vaughan

Senior Marketing Manager

Kerry is currently finishing up a PhD in philosophy specializing in applied ethics and value theory. Prior to joining CEA, Kerry ascended from a summer volunteer to running the Technology and Innovation Department of a $1.5B foundation in less than one year. While there, Kerry oversaw technology projects with a total budget of over $7M.

Prior to his work at the foundation, Kerry was a professional poker player where he used advanced statistical models of the relationship between chips in a poker tournament and expected winnings to win over $40,000.

Alison Woodman

Community Liaison

Alison studied a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge, specialising in Social Anthropology, with a strong interest in Medical Anthropology. Soon after graduating she became involved with Giving What We Can, initially managing communications, before starting as Director of Community.

Larissa Hesketh-Rowe

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Larissa works on marketing and communications at CEA. She previously managed our social media and a local chapter on a voluntary basis. Larissa studied Politics and Sociology, volunteered as a campaign coordinator and stood in local elections. Since then she has spent five years in corporate sales, events and marketing. In her spare time she enjoys running and playing football (badly).

Roxanne Heston

Events Coordinator, Effective Altruism Global X

Roxanne is currently directing the Effective Altruism Global X conference series. When she is not working at CEA, she studies in economics, finance, and mathematics on the full-tuition Paul Tulane Award at Tulane University. She has been involved with the effective altruism community for nearly four years as a volunteer and intern in various capacities.

Julia Wise

Community Liaison

Julia studied sociology at Bryn Mawr College and worked in donor services at Oxfam America before becoming a social worker. She serves on the board of GiveWell. She writes about effective altruism at Giving Gladly. She organizes an effective altruism group in Boston.

Special Projects Division

Michael Page

Director, Special Projects Division

Michael Page graduated magna cum laude from Cornell Law School where he was the editor in chief of the Cornell Law Review and received the prize by faculty nomination and classmate selection for character and overall academic achievements.

Following law school he clerked for the Honorable Guido Calabresi on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and was a litigation associate at Williams & Connolly LLP.

Amanda Askell

Visiting Researcher, Fundamentals

Amanda is in her sixth year of a PhD in philosophy at New York University, where her thesis is on infinite ethics. Her primary research interests are in normative ethics, decision theory, and epistemology. Before going to NYU she completed a BPhil in Philosophy at Oxford University, prior to which she received an MA in Philosophy from the University of Dundee.

Marinella Capriati

Researcher, Philanthropic Advising

Marinella holds a PhD political philosophy from Oxford University. She is currently a part-time Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the International Politics of West Papua while doing outreach for Giving What We Can.

Jonathan Courtney

Associate, Oxford Institute for Effective Altruism

Jonathan has a Masters of Philosophy from Oxford, and is passionate about ethics, both theoretical and applied. He got involved with Giving What We Can early on in his degree, volunteering for them in a number of capacities, before starting work full-time as the Director of Community. In the past, he has volunteered for a number of other poverty oriented non-profits, including founding a university chapter for the World Food Program at his previous university. In addition to his role as Assistant Executive Director, Jonathan is also Director of Outreach, helping create a global network of Giving What We Can student chapters.

Owen Cotton-Barratt

Research Advisor, Fundamentals

Owen has a PhD in mathematics from the University of Oxford. He was a founding member of Giving What We Can, and is currently a Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute and a Fellow of the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford. Owen has written papers in pure mathematics, voting theory, artificial intelligence, and moral uncertainty. At CEA, he works on the problem of how to prioritise between the many pressing issues we see in the world.

Max Dalton

Researcher, Fundamentals

Max studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford before pursuing an MSc in Economics. His dissertation was on the determinants of technological progress. In previous research, he estimated the cost-effectiveness of research into neglected tropical diseases. At CEA his focus is on building quantitative cause prioritization models.

Seb Farquhar

Researcher, Policy and Philanthropic Advising

Seb joined CEA to establish the Global Priorities Project, having previously worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. where he focused on public and social sector work. Before that, he was on the founding team of 80,000 Hours and wrote the world's first ever statement of what effective altruism was. Seb has a Masters degree in Physics and Philosophy from Oxford.

Ben Garfinkel

Visiting Researcher, Fundamentals

Ben holds a degree in Physics and in Mathematics and Philosophy from Yale University. Ben is also a current member of a Yale- and Oxford-based research group studying the interface between international relations and artificial intelligence.

Hauke Hillebrandt

Researcher, Philanthropic Advising

Hauke holds Bachelor's degree from Jacobs University Bremen in Germany and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from University College London. He was a Charlotte and Yule Bogue Research Fellow at Harvard University, where he was also a teaching fellow.

He has a strong background in research, publishing several papers on computational modelling of functional magnetic resonance imaging data and behavioural game theory that have been cited numerous times.

Michelle Hutchinson

Project Manager, Oxford Institute for Effective Altruism

Michelle has a PhD in Applied Ethics from Oxford University on prioritisation in global health. She is a Research Associate at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. She was the winner of the St Anne’s College Oxford Ethics Scholarship and taught Philosophy at the University. She was named a ‘Young Global Shaper’ by the World Economic Forum.

Stefan Schubert

Researcher, Fundamentals

Stefan has a multidisciplinary background, with a PhD in philosophy and an MA in political science. Prior to joining CEA, he did a postdoc at London School of Economics, where he combined his research with outreach work in the field of political rationality. He set up the Swedish Network for Evidence-Based Policy, and has developed tools alongside including argument-checking of opinion pieces and political debates.

James Snowden

Researcher, Philanthropic Advising

James is a Research Analyst and Chapter Coordinator at Giving What We Can. He has a first class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University, graduating in the top 5 of his year; and a Masters in Economics and Philosophy from LSE. Before joining Giving What We Can, James worked as a strategy consultant to FTSE 100 companies. He has provided expertise on healthcare prioritisation to the World Health Organization.

Pablo Stafforini

Researcher, Special Projects

Pablo splits his time between doing research for the Fundamentals team and collaborating with Will MacAskill on various research projects. He was a founding member of Giving What We Can and directs Alto Impacto, the first EA organization in the Spanish-speaking world. Pablo holds a BPhil in philosophy from Oxford University.

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