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We are the Centre for Effective Altruism, and we're striving to solve the world's biggest problems. That's a challenging goal, and we believe that kind of long-term change cannot be solved by individuals alone. We need a global community of people tackling these issues.

Our team is dedicated to building a community of people who have made helping others a core part of their lives, and who use evidence and scientific reasoning to figure out how to do so as effectively as possible. We strive to provide the community with the resources, technology, support and mentoring they need to do the most good.

Here is our organizational chart as of February 2018.

CEA Org Chart 2017

Now meet the people behind our work.

Tara Mac Aulay

Chief Executive Officer

Before becoming CEO, Tara led operations for CEA. Tara has a background in healthcare consulting, where she developed efficiency improvements saving 2 million dollars and countless lives in Australian hospitals. She received a graduate degree in Health Economics and a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Monash University.

Larissa Hesketh-Rowe

Chief Operating Officer

Larissa coordinates the teams at CEA. Larissa previously worked as CEA's marketing and communication specialist. Before coming to work at CEA, she volunteered for Giving What We Can and in UK party politics, and spent five years working in corporate sales, events and marketing.

Community Team:

Harri Besceli

EA Groups Liaison

Harri provides operational support and strategic advice for local effective altruism groups and coordinates various inter-group projects. Before joining CEA, he studied Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Oxford, and during this time was also heavily involved in the Giving What We Can Oxford group.

Katie Glass

Marketing and Events Specialist

Katie is responsible for producing Effective Altruism Global and the EAGx program. She joined CEA after 6 years building online communities for brands like Nike, Google and Pinterest. During 4 years at Google, Katie launched Map's Local Guides program in the UK and Europe and drove engagement for Solve for X, a think tank focused on 'moonshot' projects focused on solving global issues.

Amy Willey Labenz

Senior Events Manager, General Counsel

Amy produces events, including EA Global and a series of specialized retreats. Previously, Amy was Chief Operating Officer of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute where she was also Executive Producer of The Singularity Summit. Amy earned a Juris Doctor degree from New York University after graduating summa cum laude from Alma College with a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Service.

Julia Wise

Community Liaison

Julia serves as a contact person for the effective altruism community and helps local and online groups support their members. She is also the president of Giving What We Can, serves on the board of GiveWell, and writes about effective altruism at Giving Gladly. Before joining CEA, Juia was a social worker, and studied Sociology at Bryn Mawr College.

Research and Content:

Max Dalton

Head of Research

Max communicates new and important ideas to the effective altruism community. Before joining CEA, Max received for an MSc in Economics from the University of York, and studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford. His research focused on the cost-effectiveness of research, and the determinants of technological progress.

Owen Cotton-Barratt

Senior Research Advisor

Owen provides strategic and research advice for CEA, and also works with the individual outreach team. Owen is also a research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford. He has a DPhil in Mathematics from the University of Oxford.

Individual Outreach:

Kerry Vaughan

Head of Individual Outreach

Kerry identifies individuals with the effective altruism community, and helps them to have a greater impact. Prior to joining CEA, Kerry ascended from a summer volunteer to run the Technology and Innovation Department of a $1.5B foundation, managing a $7m budget. Kerry holds a PhD in Philosophy from Rice University, specializing in applied ethics and value theory.

Kit Harris

Individual Outreach

Kit is figuring out how CEA can more effectively empower different groups of people to do higher-impact work. Before joining CEA, Kit experimented with movement building alongside earning to give as a trader at J.P. Morgan. He studied Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

Operations Team:

Caitlin Elizondo

Head of Operations

Caitlin manages our operations team, as well as the Berkeley office space. She has a background in operations work from her time with the Frameworks Institute in DC and working in academic administration during her time as a graduate student at Georgetown. She has a B.A. in linguistics from Haverford College and an M.S. in sociolinguistics from Georgetown University.

Miranda Dixon-Luinenburg

Finance Lead

Miranda runs CEA's US finances. She comes to CEA from a background in ICU and travel nursing. In 2015, after several years of volunteer operations work with the Center for Applied Rationality, she left her nursing job in Canada and worked for Bellroy in an admin role.

Mason Hartman

Operations Analyst

Mason works closely with the Operations team to determine which existing processes can be further optimized or automated and which non-extant or informal processes could benefit from some structure. Prior to joining CEA, Mason worked as a freelancer in a wide variety of roles, including research, event organization, and web design/development.

Kathryn Mecrow

Office Manager (UK)

Kathryn Mecrow is our UK Office Manager, and maintains our UK operations. Prior to working with CEA, she was the Administrative Officer at the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) and provided research assistance to Charity Science Health and Piers Millet on x-risks arising from biotechnology. She has worked as a project manager, legal researcher, and university lecturer in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, and Ethiopia.

Tech Team:

Sam Deere

Head of Tech

Sam manages our tech team. Sam previously worked in policy and communications roles for several high-profile Australian politicians, and was part of the team that won the 'unwinnable' 2014 South Australian state election. He studied Politics and History at the University of Adelaide, and has nearly a decade of experience as a web developer.

JP Addison


JP comes to us from an aerospace startup where he wrote data processing code. He also cofounded the South Bay Effective Altruism meetup group. Before that he was a research assistant writing code for simulations of quantum computers. He holds a BS in Physics from Georgia Tech.

Sarah Spikes


Sarah has worked as a Software Developer at Google and Udacity, and has taught Software Development with Udacity, Dev Bootcamp, Girls Who Code, Hackbright, and Make School. She received her BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Executive Office:

Will MacAskill

President and Chairman of the Board (CEA USA) and Trustee (CEA UK)

Will is an associate professor of philosophy at Oxford University. Previously he studied philosophy at Cambridge (B.A.) and Oxford (BPhil, DPhil), and was a Fulbright Scholar at Princeton. When he joined the faculty of Oxford University age 28, he was the youngest associate professor of philosophy in the world.

Will is a co-founder of Giving What We Can, 80,000 Hours, and the Centre for Effective Altruism. His book about effective altruism, Doing Good Better, was released in August 2015 through Penguin Random House.

Emma Gray-Starcevic

Executive Assistant

Emma is is responsible for managing the Will Macaskill's schedule as well as organising logistics for the executive team. She comes from a diverse background, including working as an assistant in an art gallery and running her own business teaching English in Barcelona. On a day to day basis, she

Pablo Stafforini

Research Analyst

Pablo works closely with Will MacAskill on various research projects. He holds a BPhil in philosophy from Oxford University and was a founding member of Giving What We Can.


CEA UK Trustees: Will MacAskill, Toby Ord, Nick Beckstead, Tara Mac Aulay (ex officio, CEO of CEA), Ben Todd (ex officio, CEO of 80,000 Hours)

CEA US board: Will MacAskill (President and Chairman), Nick Beckstead, Sam Bankman-Fried, Tara Mac Aulay (ex officio, CEO of CEA), Ben Todd (ex officio, CEO of 80,000 Hours)

We're a great place to work. Interested in joining us? Check out our careers page for opportunities.