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The Centre for Effective Altruism coordinates the effective altruism community: a global community of people who have made helping others a core part of their lives, and who use evidence and reason to figure out how to do so as effectively as possible.

To accomplish this, we share ideas through online resources and forums, and connect people by organizing events and supporting EA community groups. We also fund promising projects, groups, and charities by encouraging donations and making grants.

If you share our goals, we hope you’ll consider a donation.

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What We Do

Here's a brief summary of our current projects:


  • We provide guidance and resources to effective altruism groups.
  • We organize EA Global conferences and support volunteers who run EAGx events.
  • We hold smaller events to help people with particular skills and interests find ways to work on high-impact activities.



Fundraising target for 2019

We are seeking to raise $3M over the next few months, to support these projects and expand some of our most promising initiatives. For details, see this post on our progress in 2018 and plans for 2019.

We also believe that we could productively use up to $3.6M in additional funding for EA Grants and Community Building Grants. (We fundraise separately for these programs, because all funding for them is regranted for work done outside of CEA.) We plan to run a separate fundraising campaign for both programs after we complete an impact review for them in the first half of 2019.

How to Donate

We use Effective Altruism Funds to process donations to the Centre for Effective Altruism.

You can donate via credit/debit card, bank transfer, check (US), and GoCardless direct debit (UK). If you have any questions or specific needs please get in touch to discuss your situation.

Donate to CEA

We also use Effective Altruism Funds for donations to EA Grants and Community Building Grants. Until we finish an impact review for these programs in 2019, we are primarily seeking funding for CEA's core programs. However, we'd still welcome donors who wanted to fund grantmaking.

Donate to EA Grants

Donate to Community Building Grants

Where does my donation go?

Donations to the Centre for Effective Altruism are split among our projects, depending on where they will do the most good. You can read this post to learn more about our current fundraising and plans for 2019. If you have any other questions, please get in touch!

Find Out More

We aim to be transparent about our mission, our work, and our history. If you have any questions or feedback for us, please contact Jenna Peters, Project Manager to the CEO.

More on the Centre for Effective Altruism:

You can see monthly updates about our work on our blog, or subscribe to them via email.