Nicole Ross

Head of Community Health and Special Projects, Trustee (EV US)

Nicole leads our team, setting our strategic direction and helping us achieve our goals within individual projects and across the team at large. Nicole has also coordinated with other EA organizations and projects across a broad range of areas, such as communications and politics. Before joining CEA, Nicole worked at Open Philanthropy, GiveWell, and the Center for Healthcare Ethics at Cedars-Sinai. Outside of work, Nicole is a fan of dogs and hiking.

You can contact Nicole via this form (you'll be anonymous by default).

Chana Messinger

Deputy Head of Community Health and Special Projects

Before becoming our deputy team head, Chana focused on supporting high school outreach efforts and investigating areas of improvement for community epistemics (how we form beliefs about the world). Previously, Chana was a high school math teacher in Pittsburgh, New York, and London. She has also contracted for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. She holds a BA from the University of Chicago and an MA from Columbia University. Her hobbies include crossword puzzles and escape rooms.

Chana is our primary contact for anything relating to minors. You can contact Chana via this form (with the option of being anonymous). You can also share less sensitive thoughts on high school outreach or epistemics in the EA community with Chana via this different form (this form isn’t anonymous).

Julia Wise

Community Liaison

Julia oversees community wellbeing. Her work includes projects such as improving community members' access to mental health services and conveying feedback from more junior to more senior community members. Julia is one of the people community members can contact if they find themselves in challenging situations or have bad experiences. She serves on the board of GiveWell and writes about effective altruism, parenting, and other topics at Otherwise. She was president of Giving What We Can from 2017-2020. Before joining CEA, Julia was a social worker, and studied sociology at Bryn Mawr College. Outside of EA, she's active in the folk dancing community.

You can contact Julia via this form (you'll be anonymous by default).

Catherine Low

Community Liaison

Catherine is the main contact for community health support for groups, and also works on assessing and mitigating risks to the EA community. Catherine is one of the people community members can contact if they find themselves in challenging situations. Before joining CEA, Catherine managed the Students for High-Impact Charity program and taught science, physics, and ethics at the high school level. She was also heavily involved in EA community building in New Zealand and Australia. Catherine holds a PhD in physics from the University of Melbourne. Outside of work, Catherine's hobbies include kayaking and trail running.

You can contact Catherine via this form (you'll be anonymous by default), or via email:

Charlotte Darnell

Community Liaison

Charlotte is one of the people community members can contact about challenges or bad experiences they have in the community. Before joining our team, Charlotte worked on CEA’s Events team and has also worked on various community building projects outside of CEA, such as EAGxOxford 2022, UK high school outreach, and university group events. She studied History and Modern Languages at the University of Exeter and spends her free time on watersports, roller skating and random craft projects.

You can contact Charlotte via this form (you'll be anonymous by default).

Eve McCormick

Community Health Project Manager and Senior Assistant

Eve supports the work of Nicole and other members of the team and is responsible for our internal systems. Before joining CEA, she ran EA Cambridge full-time. Eve holds a degree in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from the University of Cambridge, and is particularly interested in the early medieval period. She also enjoys archaeology and is a big fan of Doctor Who.