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CEA Weekend Away


  • Good Done Right, an academic conference on effective altruism, is hosted by CEA in Oxford.
  • Global Priorities Project, a research and policy project, is formed as a collaboration between CEA and the Future of Humanity Institute (the project is merged back into CEA in 2016).



  • CEA trials EA Ventures to fund experimental projects (the project was closed in 2016, and later replaced with EA Grants).
  • 80,000 Hours team participates in Y Combinator startup accelerator.
  • CEA begins hosting the EA Global conference series.
  • Doing Good Better is published, and promoted with the help of CEA.

Group Photo


  • CEA helps local organizers run the first EA Global X community conferences.
  • Giving What We Can merges into CEA.
  • Special Projects division is formed to include Philanthropic Advising and Fundamentals Research.
  • 80,000 Hours begins to operate more separately from the rest of CEA.
  • Global Priorities Project is discontinued and merged into Future of Humanity Institute and Fundamentals Research.

EA Global 2016 Group Photo Arms Up (1)


  • CEA participates in Y Combinator startup accelerator and launches Effective Altruism Funds.
  • CEA establishes a permanent office in Berkeley, CA, as well as Oxford, UK.
  • The Special Projects division focuses on content production and merges with the rest of CEA.
  • EA Grants and individual outreach team are launched.



EAG SF 2018