Expression of Interest: External Communications Specialist

This is an expression of interest, rather than a role we've formally opened. We will assess applications on a rolling basis, using the process described here. Because we aren't actively focused on hiring for this role, we will tend to have a higher bar for inviting you to the next stage of the process.

Nonetheless, we want to make the first step easy, and we recommend that you apply even if you aren't sure you're a good fit.

The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) is seeking an External Communications Specialist to provide an accurate and balanced view of the effective altruism community to external audiences, especially the media.

In this role, you will work with CEA staff, EA organizations, and community members to develop external communications strategies for the EA community. If you are successful, you will help to determine how EA-related ideas are communicated and understood, which could have a global and long-lasting impact on EA's success. This could help us:

  • Reach people who are likely to be interested in getting deeply involved in the EA community,

  • Allow critics to make more informed critiques of EA ideas,

  • Make clear to external audiences what EA is and isn't doing, and why

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Possible responsibilities

  • Work with EA organizations to develop communication objectives and key messages, and clarify which audiences we should target with different forms of content

  • Develop and test ways to effectively communicate EA's key ideas to different audience segments via traditional or new media, and share examples with EA organizations, organizers, and spokespeople

  • Commission and supervise research on the EA brand and messaging, how it is perceived among target audiences, and how it can be adapted to ensure it is accurately understood

  • Identify high-value communication opportunities and prioritize between them (e.g. books, YouTube, podcasts, academic courses, media coverage etc)

  • Proactively scope out content creators, publications, or journalists who might be interested in accurate, nuanced coverage of EA. Build and maintain long-term relationships in these networks

  • Assist subject matter experts to communicate their ideas clearly when doing public communication such as media interviews

  • Support CEA's external communications, e.g. by reviewing posts and newsletters for readability and accuracy

Who is suited to this role?

You are:

  • Deeply familiar with and interested in effective altruism, longtermism, and associated fields and communities;

  • Someone with good epistemics, prioritization, and judgment;

  • An excellent verbal communicator;

  • Someone who takes pride in writing clean and clear prose;

  • Sensitive to nuances in tone and communication style

Backgrounds that might make you well suited for this role (but which are not required):

  • Experience in journalism or new media platforms

  • Experience in communications consulting, strategy consulting, or public relations advising

  • Brand management experience, especially for nonprofits

  • Experience writing about and presenting EA ideas and/or work in EA cause areas

For someone with management experience or the skills to become a good manager, there is the possibility that this will develop into a role managing the community health team after our current interim manager transitions to a new role.

You can find more information about our application process, benefits, location preferences, and compensation on our careers page.