Expression of Interest: Early Field-Building Specialist

This is an expression of interest, rather than a role we've formally opened. We will assess applications on a rolling basis, using the process described here. Because we aren't actively focused on hiring for this role, we will tend to have a higher bar for inviting you to the next stage of the process.

Nonetheless, we want to make the first step easy, and we recommend that you apply even if you aren't sure you're a good fit.

EA is growing into new and less established areas (for instance, AI governance and wild animal suffering). Because these new areas are complex and the capacity of experts in each area is so constrained, new projects and organizations often need more advice and support than they get by default.

In this role, you would support new EA projects and organizations in these new fields and reduce risks to their development. The hope is that this role will increase the likelihood that EA work in critical areas goes well in the long term.

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  • Be a person to whom community members and grantmakers can flag new projects, especially ones that are planning to operate in sensitive fields or otherwise would benefit from more advice and connections

  • Work with experts in these fields to mitigate risks and develop strategies together

  • Advise on brand strategy questions and requests for consultations related to early fields

  • Prioritize which cases to work on, since you will not have the capacity to help with every request

Required skills/experiences:

  • Independent thinking

  • The ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with both advisors and the people you advise

  • Good communication skills

Desired skills/experiences:

  • EA knowledge and connections with experts in various fields

  • Strong understanding of geopolitics and how it can relate to field-building 

  • International and intercultural experience

  • Experience in policy work or diplomacy

  • Sense of pragmatism about how fields like policy work

If you have management experience or the skills to become a good manager, you might have the chance to manage the community health team after our current interim manager transitions to a new role.


Nicole Ross currently leads this area of work.

This role has a lot of flexibility depending on your level of experience, understanding, and initial performance. On one end of the spectrum, you might end up as a more senior staff member who would work collaboratively with Nicole and/or eventually take over this area; at the other end, you might end up as a more junior staff member who would be focused on implementing and iterating on projects, under Nicole's supervision.

You can find more information about our application process, benefits, location preferences, and compensation on our careers page.