Community Building Grants Program

Supporting EA groups and community builders across the world

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A program and a profession

Would you like to help people find ways to address the world’s most pressing problems?

If so, the Community Building Grants (CBG) Program might be able to offer you funding and support.

The program’s goal is to build flourishing communities of individuals who work to maximize their impact using critical reasoning and evidence. The program is focused on selected locations. You can work part-time or full-time, and a CBG could lead to a lasting career in community-building.

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Highly impactful

Local groups and in person connections are one of the main ways that people get and stay involved with the effective altruism ideas and community.

In this program, you can help to get many individuals more deeply involved in EA, and then support them in making effective career plans or donations. If you can cause or accelerate people’s high-impact career paths, then you can have an outsized impact yourself.

In addition, 80,000 Hours recommend promoting effective altruism as a high impact career path.

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What are CBG alumni doing now?

Working as a professional community builder is a great way to prepare for other impactful work. Community builders develop skills, networks, and experience that could serve them well in management, operations, research, fundraising, entrepreneurship, and more. Many of our alumni move on to working for other organizations in the EA movement, or pursue long-term careers in community-building.