Social Media Specialist


Applications for this position have closed.

Position description

CEA is looking to hire someone to help the effective altruism community use social media more impactfully.

EA is at a point of inflection: as we have grown we have started to gain significant media attention. If we engage with this well, it could increase the amount of high-quality engagement with our ideas and projects. If we fail to do so, we might lose much of our potential.

We believe having a coordinated and proactive social media presence throughout the community could make a significant difference here, and we are looking for someone to help build this capacity.

The role will report to Shakeel Hashim, our Head of Communications.

Goals for this area

Our goals are:

  1. To have discourse around EA and related projects and ideas not become needlessly “toxic” on social media in a way that could cause lots of people (especially in our key audiences) to actively oppose them.
  2. To use social media to promote what effective altruism means to our key target audiences.
  3. To use social media to promote specific ideas (this might include, for instance, working to promote the importance of biosecurity).


  • This is not about doing communications for CEA - it’s a role at CEA that’s focused on communicating about EA and the causes we care about.
  • In much of this work, we expect you to be coordinating closely with other organisations and individuals in the EA and related communities.

What would you do?

  • Develop an overarching social media strategy for effective altruism, identifying the most important channels and audiences and the best ways to reach them.
  • Work with EA organisations and spokespeople to help implement that strategy.
  • Running the social media accounts CEA manages (most notably @EffectvAltruism)
  • Develop similar strategies for specific cause areas (e.g. biosecurity, AI).
  • Create content to be shared on social media.
  • Experiment with paid social media marketing.

What attributes are we looking for?

We are looking for people with:

  • Familiarity with EA ideas.
  • Clear, nuanced, compelling writing.
  • A good understanding of social media and what makes things shareable.
  • Sound judgement about the risks and benefits of different communications strategies and tactics.
  • A track record of acting proactively, even under great uncertainty (while continuing to track risks).

In addition, we prefer candidates who also have:

  • A very strong understanding of EA ideas.
  • Experience with professional social media work, particularly Twitter.
  • The ability to build strong relationships with our partners, and navigate disagreements about what to do.

We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, and we encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply.

Applications close on January 15th, but we will assess applications on a rolling basis before then. The hiring process will consist of a short trial task, followed by 1-3 interviews and a longer set of trial tasks (for which we will pay candidates). We will invite the most promising candidates to a short paid work trial.

Title, reporting, salary etc.

This is a full-time role, reporting to Shakeel Hashim (Head of Communications). We prefer candidates who can work in a time zone between the UK (GMT) and the US West Coast (GMT-8), and particularly those who can work from Oxford or London.

The salary range in Oxford is £49,000 to £77,000, depending on prior experience, skills, and location. There may be flexibility in salary for exceptional candidates. We vary salaries by location - the range in SF would be $89,000 to $140,000.

Benefits include health, dental, and vision insurance, flexible work hours, a £5,000 annual professional development allowance, a £5,000 mental health support allowance, extended parental leave, ergonomic equipment, 10% pension contribution, 25 days of paid vacation, and more.