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Applications for this position must be received no later than Tuesday, June 1st 2021, 1:00 am BST

Position description

In this role, you will help the core EA community to have better strategic awareness of where the community is today, where we might be headed, and what stands between us and where we want to be.

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For example:

  • What are the key determinants of the size at which the effective altruism movement will plateau? At what size should we want it to plateau?

  • How can we ensure that the community has a strong culture, and that we continue to learn new things and correct mistakes?

  • What do we want new people (with different skills and backgrounds) to be doing?

  • What are the most important routes into the community, and for which routes should we prioritize further investment?

You will talk to key thinkers and connect the existing pockets of knowledge on these issues (which are often developed piecemeal in the context of a single organization's priorities). You will develop your own views on priorities, key disagreements, and crucial empirical uncertainties. You will then convene high-leverage discussions on key disagreements, commission (or pursue) research on empirical uncertainties, and disseminate information and findings to key stakeholders and (when appropriate) the wider community. This will include determining the agenda for key inter-org meetings, like the EA Coordination Forum (previously "EA Leaders Forum").

Your work will provide context so that EA-aligned organizations can ensure that their activities are well targeted from a big-picture perspective. By improving coordination, you will sometimes reduce duplicated effort. And perhaps most importantly, you will identify neglected opportunities in the community, and help to find people or organizations that could address these.

Desired skills

You are:

  • familiar with, and interested in, effective altruism and longtermism, and associated communities…

  • …though not necessarily a "true believer"; we think that healthy skepticism about whether and how the EA community ends up helping anything is an advantage in this role

  • good at listening to people, building strong relationships, and understanding a wide variety of perspectives

  • someone with good epistemics, prioritization, and judgment.

  • able to effectively synthesize views and generate your own independent take, rather than simply aggregating others' judgments.

  • able to identify the most important points from a mess of information, notice areas that are currently being neglected, and make plans for how we can learn more and address those gaps

  • good at keeping your ultimate purpose in mind, rather than getting too attached to specific goals or plans

  • an excellent verbal communicator and a clear writer

If you are interested in managing people, we think that you could end up building a team to work within this portfolio and/or manage related "community health" work. This would be particularly likely if you have very good interpersonal skills and/or management experience, in addition to the above.

Who you would work with

You would be managed by Max Dalton (Executive Director), and collaborate closely with Owen Cotton-Barratt (trustee and advisor) and other EA leaders. You would also work with other teams at CEA, particularly the community health team.

Salary, benefits, and location

This is a full-time role. You would ideally work from our Oxford office, but we are also open to remote hires.

Starting salary for candidates in Oxford is £60,000- £76,000 depending on experience, with some flexibility above this range for an exceptional candidate. Salaries for candidates who prefer to work remotely will be decided based on location and skills.

UK benefits include health, dental, and vision insurance, flexible work hours, a £1,000 annual training budget, extended parental leave, ergonomic equipment, a 3% pension contribution, and 25 days of paid vacation. We have similar benefits in the US.

Application Process

We will consider applications as we receive them.

After considering applications, we will invite promising candidates to complete a short trial task followed by further interviews. We will invite finalists to provide references and participate in a multi-day paid work trial.

We are happy to consider applicants from overseas and may consider visa sponsorship if needed.

CEA serves a global community, and our team works with people and organizations all over the world. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, and we encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer. If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, or have any other questions about applying, please contact Caitlin Elizondo, Head of People Operations.