Community Events Associate


Applications for this position have closed.

Position description

We are looking to hire a Community Events Associate to help significantly scale up the number of events that help people find ways to effectively improve the world.

Our Community Events Programme is a key part of our mission to build a community of students and professionals acting on EA principles, by nurturing high-quality discussion spaces. We hope that this will help lead to a world where effective and impartial service to others is a core commitment of global leaders, thinkers, and philanthropists.

In this role you will advise and support community members to create events all around the world.

About the role

The Community Events Programme (CEP) funds and supports events run by community members, such as EAGx conferences. The core goal of the CEP is to help significantly scale up the number of high-quality, EA-aligned events. We believe events have a huge impact by getting people more involved in EA.

  • We regularly encounter community members who cite conferences as playing a key part in their EA journey. See here for some examples.
  • Open Philanthropy’s 2020 survey of ~200 people involved in longtermist priority work (a significant fraction of work in the EA community) found that about half of the impact that CEA had on respondents was via EA Global and EAGx conferences. ~35% of respondents cited CEA as having increased their impact on the world.
  • Organisations associated with the EA community report that EA conferences are an excellent place to hire additional staff and launch new projects.

To support events at scale, we provide community members with flexible funding, high-level advice and, where appropriate, free access to the resources we use for our own events (e.g. Salesforce, and Swapcard, our event networking app).

You would take on much of the day-to-day support CEA provides community event organisers: you would provide reliable, responsive support, thoughtful advice on how events can have impact, and build systems to help us scale up the programme further. You will work closely with, and be managed by, Ollie Base, our Community Events Manager.

You will:
  • Advise EAGx conference organisers on speakers, admissions criteria, event production, marketing and project management to maximise the impact of the event.
  • Train grantees on our key events systems (Salesforce, Swapcard) and handle CEA’s responsibilities for setting up those systems for each event.
  • Onboard new Community Events grantees to HR systems.
  • Coordinate with grantees about event planning and CEA’s support.
  • Maintain the website with updates on community events.
  • Write updates about our programme for the wider CEA team, our stakeholders and the EA community.
  • Review and analyse feedback from Community Events, to understand how we can improve our programme and advice.
You might be a good fit if you:
  • Manage and implement projects effectively. You’ve initiated and successfully executed large projects that required project planning, delegation, time management, and a lot of work. These projects don’t need to be events, per se.
  • Have a strong understanding of EA community-building work. You’ve been actively involved in EA community-building, and have well-informed views about how EA discussion spaces can help people make meaningful progress on pressing problems.
  • Love improving systems. You’re able to spot when systems are incomplete, strained or repetitive, and generate solutions that save time and/or improve the process for our users, including attendees, organisers and CEA staff.
  • Write clearly.
  • Are able to juggle multiple tasks at once. You are not easily overwhelmed, and excel at managing your time and focus.
  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills. You would thrive in a role involving frequent back-and-forth with grantees, colleagues and external stakeholders.

Other information

  • This is a full-time, remote position. We prefer applicants who are able to work in time zones between US Pacific Time and CET and would expect you to visit our Oxford offices ~once every quarter if you are not based here.
  • If candidates would prefer to work from the UK, we welcome applicants from overseas and we’ll sponsor visas where possible.
  • We’d love you to start in January 2023. We’re happy to negotiate on earlier or later start dates.
  • Our application process includes: one or more trial tasks, interviews, a reference check, and an onsite work trial for the top candidates.
  • Salary for candidates in Oxford is £48,800-£53,700 depending on experience, with some flexibility above this range for an exceptional candidate. Salaries for candidates who prefer to work remotely will be decided based on location and skills. (As rough calibration points, the salary range for the Bay Area is $88,700-$103,600, and for Boston is $85,500-$100,000, with flexibility for exceptional candidates.)
  • In the UK, benefits include private insurance, flexible work hours, a £5,000 annual professional development allowance, a £5,000 mental health support allowance, extended parental leave, ergonomic equipment, 10% pension contribution, 25 days of paid vacation, and more. US staff benefits are equivalent.
  • We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. We especially encourage applications from self-identified women and people of colour who are excited about contributing to our mission. The Centre for Effective Altruism is an equal opportunity employer. If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, or have any other questions about applying, please contact
  • We are committed to protecting your data. See our applicant privacy notice for more information.