Midyear update

Posted on Monday, July 17th 2023
(last updated Monday, July 17th 2023)

It’s been a turbulent few months, but amidst losing an Executive Director, gaining an Interim Managing Director, and searching for a CEO, CEA has done lots of cool stuff so far in 2023.

The headline numbers

  • 4,336 conference attendees (2,695 EA Global, 1,641 EAGx)
  • 133,041 hours of engagement on the Forum, including 60,507 hours of engagement with non-Community posts (60% of total engagement on posts)
  • 26 university groups and 33 organizers in UGAP
  • 622 participants in Virtual Programs

There’s much more, including historical data and a wider range of metrics, in our new and improved public dashboard.

And you can read the full update on the EA Forum.