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Hi everyone,

_In summary:_ This month we re-launched the public EA Grants application, made progress on our plans for a new EA Forum and trialled candidates in our hiring round. Additionally, nearly 90% of tickets for EA Global: London (26-28 October) have been sold, and trustee Will MacAskill’s TED talk was released.

CEA’s priorities this quarter

As we near the end of September, we are working hard to deliver on our Q3 priorities. Our 2018-2019 focus is on projects that will allow us to support the core of the EA community, while also building out infrastructure and programs for the broader community. This month, we focused primarily on re-opening EA Grants to the public, launching a closed beta for the EA forum and hiring to expand our capacity.

EA Grants

We recently announced the re-opening of EA Grants to the public. EA Grants allows CEA to connect people with promising ideas to the funding they need to develop projects. If you have a project that you think EA Grants should fund, you can fill out our short application here. For more details about the EA Grants launch, read Kerry Vaughan’s announcement on the EA Forum.

EA Forum

We are working on launching a new and improved EA Forum, with the goal that it will become the central place for EA community members to engage with content and discussion. This month, we have been testing a closed beta version of the Forum in order to catch bugs and other problems early. We plan to launch a public beta version next month. Additionally, our tech and content teams have been working on additional features, such as monthly prizes, curated sequences and cross-posting from personal blogs. You can read more about the new Forum in posts from Julia Wise and Marek Duda.


We have been impressed by the excellent calibre of applicants who have applied to work on our events, support local EA communities, run EA Grants and provide essential operations capacity. For some roles, we are in the later stages of in-person trials and making offers, and we are excited to announce new additions to the team soon.


Effective Altruism Global

Nearly 90% tickets have been sold for EA Global: London, taking place from 26-28 October. Applications close at midnight BST on Sunday, 30th September, so if you want to attend, apply now.

Other Updates

Will MacAskill’s TED Talk

CEA trustee and co-founder Will MacAskill’s TED Talk, “What are the most important moral problems of our time?” has been released. The talk, which already has more than 700,000 views, discusses our unique position in history and how to prioritise among massive global challenges.