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According to research by 80,000 Hours, people find jobs more fulfilling when they involve helping others, when the work is something they are good at, is engaging and where they have supportive colleagues.

Working at the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) you’ll be striving to make the world a better place, be pushed and supported to develop and work with amazing people. If this sounds appealing to you consider applying during one of the recruitment rounds. Want to find out more? Read on.

Make the world a better place: CEA’s Vision

Our vision is to create an optimal world. There are some things which we think are robustly good, such as ending death from malaria or abolishing factory farming, and other areas where we are highly uncertain. This means that we need to simultaneously solve some of the most pressing problems while also learning more about how the world works and how it can be improved.

We want to build a community focused on figuring out what this optimal world looks like, and how we get there.

CEA’s mission is to promote and strengthen effective altruism (EA) as an idea and as a community. We aim to increase the total value of all resources effectively aimed at robustly doing good now, and figuring out how to do even more good in the future.

By joining the team at CEA, you’ll be directly contributing to the effective altruism community figuring out how to do the most good and then doing it.

Work with amazing people: community values

As an organisation in the EA community, we take the well-being of others seriously, dedicating our lives to making the world a better place. We’re excited by the incredible opportunity we have to do good.

We have a scientific mindset; using reason and evidence to guide our thinking and trying to be humble with our views, open to criticism and changing our minds. We value cooperation and so strongly encourage the honesty, trust and good conduct that requires. We are committed to building a friendly, open, and welcoming environment in which many different approaches can flourish.

These community values mean our team is one that is passionate about helping others and always striving to learn and improve. We want to build a community that acts with integrity and welcomes others.

Push yourself: team values

Beyond the values of the effective altruism community, we have our team values within CEA.

We are an ambitious team. Striving for an optimal world is a highly ambitious goal after all, and one that we take very seriously. As a team we live at the edge of our comfort zones, taking on tasks just beyond our current capabilities so that we are continually improving to meet new challenges. We understand that if we are to make progress on some of the world’s most pressing problems then we as individuals, as an organisation and as a community will need to improve a lot.

We work together as a team to work out what we should prioritise but favour taking action and trying things out so that we don’t get stuck in decision paralysis. We are given the autonomy over our core areas of responsibility to make decisions and take the necessary risks to make progress and increase value in expectation.

We measure our progress by concrete wins and changes out in the real world, always keeping our eye on how our work is reducing suffering and helps us learn more about how the world works and how it can be improved. While we understand that measuring impact is difficult, we think that plan beats no plan, and model beats no model.

All of this means we are forced to keep a lot of balls in the air and prioritise hard on which things we keep juggling and which things we need to drop to do the most good. We focus on working smart, not just hard. We encourage everyone on the team to speak up when they are unsure if the value of a project or when they have suggestions for how we can improve our effectiveness as a team.

Exciting opportunities: our projects

There is no shortage of exciting opportunities and interesting areas to work on at CEA. We’re a relatively small and flexible team, so we’re encouraged to provide input and grow our skills in a wide range of areas.

Every quarter we come together in the same location to try and work out what we should prioritise for the next 90 days. What are currently the most important, neglected and tractable problems that we should focus on to best move the effective altruism community forward? What is going to move us furthest towards our ultimate goals? What do we have the opportunity to learn?

This flexible approach keeps us focused, learning and taking action in a wide range of areas.

We work on conferences that have had over 1,000 attendees and speakers like Elon Musk, Peter Singer, Cari Tuna and Julia Galef. Our newsletters help us reach over 40,000 people with our latest thinking on how to do good. The tech behind our EA Funds project has helped us move over $730,000 to effective charities in just over two months.

At the beginning of 2017, some of our employees were able to take part in the start-up incubator programme at Y Combinator getting help from the founders of big success stories like DropBox, AirBnB and Reddit to improve our ideas. Throughout our history we’ve helped incubate or fund organisations like The Life You Can Save, Animal Charity Evaluators, the Global Priorities Project and the Oxford Priorities Project.

By joining the team at CEA, you will have the opportunity to work on important projects like these as well as suggest your own ideas of what might be valuable. You'll be involved in our prioritisation efforts from day one, so it's important you have a deep sense of the core values of effective altruism, and CEAs role within the movement.

A strong support network: Looking after our team

Working in this environment of ambitious goals and always feeling stretched is exciting but naturally, it can also be challenging. This is why we so strongly value each other’s support. We are all striving towards the same goal and facing the same challenges.

We endeavour to create an environment where everyone can flourish. We regularly share self-improvement and self-care tips, run debugging sessions, encourage staff to make time to learn new skills and go on training courses. In short, we urge you to do whatever you need to be effective and happy in your work, whether that is flexible working hours, new equipment or lunchtime yoga.

Although we are scattered across continents, we chat regularly online and on Skype and meet up every few months for team retreats. There we discuss strategy, brainstorm ideas and work together on projects. Our last two retreats were in the Barcelona and the Bay Area. They may not be fancy but we get to bond over singing, board games and trampolining!

If you are passionate about helping others, ambitious both for yourself and for the world and want the opportunity to work on fun and exciting projects check out our recruitment page. If we’re not currently hiring, fill out this form and describe how you could use your skills and experience to support one of our existing projects, or start your own!

Apply to work at CEA now

If you want to know more about the Centre for Effective Altruism read more about our history and how we prioritise projects on our website. If you have further questions, please get in touch via recruitment[at]

We look forward to hearing from you.