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We recently published an update on the EA Forum about our plans for supporting EAGx conferences in 2020.

An excerpt from the post:

In 2020, I expect that our overall strategy for EAGx will remain largely the same and that we will likely fund a total of four EAGx conferences throughout the year across the following locations:

  • USA (East Coast)
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Asia

These locations have been prioritised as they have established and active EA populations, though we’re also open to considering applications from locations other than those listed above.

In 2020, we also intend to increase our investment (in terms of budget and staff time) in EAGx organiser support. This will be provided by CEA’s Events team, as they have substantial knowledge and experience to share from producing EA Global conferences.

For example, in addition to the support we already provide (such as monthly one-on-one calls with organisers), we expect to add:

  • A new EAGx ‘playbook’ with best practices for organisers
  • An event planning retreat for organisers in early to mid January 2020
  • Access to a single event tech platform which includes ticketing, website and event app

Organising an EAGx conference can be a pivotal experience for EAs considering careers in event production, operations, and communications. I’m excited for these improvements to ensure a better experience for organisers, and to increase the overall quality of event production.